Abbott On Call (AOC) was formed in January 2002 as a Woman Owned Small Business by Jack and Josephine Abbott when NAVSEA was just beginning to recognize the power of modularity in formulating the LCS Program. NAVSEA was aware that Mr. Abbott, AOC's President, brought a wealth of experience on ship modularity concepts to the Navy.

AOC helped found the Mission Systems and Ship Integration Team (MSSIT) to support Open Systems Architecture for the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) program, the first major implementation of modularity on a U.S. Navy surface combatant from the keel up. AOC has been a member of the MSSIT Integrated Product Team (IPT) since its inception and has grown to keep pace with MSSIT's necessary functions as the program evolves. As part of this IPT, AOC became responsible for the development of such key products as: the LCS Interface Control Document, Interface Verification and Validation Reports, and the Interface Configuration Management Plan.

AOC began as an "on-site" support contractor at Carderock. In 2010, however, AOC grew to over 15 employees and moved "off campus" to commercial office space in Tysons Corner Virginia. Today, AOC employs nearly 30 engineers and support staff with sufficient space to allow further growth for up to 50 employees. With the opening of the Silver Line of Metro, access is now possible from/to the Navy yard and other key locations in the metropolitan area.


As the company grows, AOC stays true to the key values of our President:

  • Integrity in all dealings - both personally and organizationally.
  • Thoroughness of the technical product.
  • Maintaining a Vision of what can best help the U.S. Navy - now and in the future.