Quality Assurance

AOC is committed to producing quality products that meet or exceed customer expectations. AOC has established a Quality Management Team with responsibilities to oversee quality management through the implementation of a Quality Management Plan (QMP). The QMP is an integral part of AOC's project management plan which describes how quality will be managed throughout the project's lifecycle.

The QMP's purpose is to:

  • Ensure quality is planned
  • Define quality objectives for each project
  • Develop quality assurance activities to meet objectives

QMP implementation includes:

  • Establishing organization and team goals to meet project objectives
  • Establishing quality metrics
  • Develop quality assurance activities to meet objectives
  • Monitoring and measuring quality metrics
  • Establishing methods for improvement

Quality Assurance is an essential for ensuring work products are delivered with high accuracy and repeatability. AOC's implementation of Quality Assurance involves the entire organization. Business processes and quality processes are authored by stakeholders and managed by the Quality Management Team. Quality metrics and performance feedback are provided to stakeholders and strategies are developed to implement changes required to meet quality objectives. AOC conducts periodic quality management reviews to ensure that the Quality Assurance Program remains optimized and aligned with project objectives.