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12/10/15  AOC wins HM&E Open System Architecture and Systems Engineering contract for U.S. Navy

AOC wins HM&E Open System Architecture (OSA) and Systems Engineering contract for the U.S. Navy valued at approximately $43 million over five years. As the center of excellence for OSA, the AOC team looks forward to continuing to use our expertise to support the Navy on the many current and future OSA ship initiatives.

4/25/15  AOC Participates in Champions4Children 5K Race/Walk

The AOC team, "Angels of Cardio", once again had a strong showing at the 2015 Champions4Children 5K Race! We helped raise valuable funds to support the SafeSpot center, ensuring that the young victims of child abuse get the help they need. For the second year in a row, The Angels of Cardio won the prize for the Fastest Team! Speedy employee Alex Haugh took First Place Overall in his age group!!

3/5/15  AOC Presents "Flexible Warships in Foreign Navies: Applications for Future U.S. Navy Surface Combatants" at ASNE Day 2015

AOC received the opportunity to present its paper, "Flexible Warships in Foreign Navies: Applications for Future U.S. Navy Surface Combatants" at ASNE Day 2015. The paper illustrated how the use of modularity and Open System Architecture on ships in foreign fleets can be a useful map for the future of Navy ship programs. The concept of a Flexible Warship can help the Navy achieve both cost and capability goals for its ships. It is hoped that the information presented at ASNE Day 2015 will assist in the efforts to develop a true "Flexible Warship" for future Navy surface combatants.

10/9/14  Jack Abbott teaches NSWCCD employees about Modular Ship Design as part of Ship Design Mentoring Group Meeting

7/23/14  RIMPAC 2014: US LCS conducts near-simultaneous helicopter and small boat launches during boarding drills with Chinese warships

The US Navy's (USN's) lead Independence-class Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) conducted near-simultaneous helicopter and small boat launches for the first time during maritime interdiction operations with two Chinese warships, during the Rim of the Pacific ('RIMPAC') exercise.

6/25/14  AOC Receives Exceptional Rating on Most Recent Contractor Performance Assessment Report

AOC is pleased to announce that the Company has received a rating of "Exceptional" on their latest Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPAR) under the Schedule Area. AOC prides itself on delivering high quality task documents and reports on time or ahead of schedule, and it is reflected in this recent rating.

4/26/14  AOC Participates in Champions4Children 5K Race/Walk

The AOC team, "Angels of Cardio", had a strong showing at the 2014 Champions4Children 5K Race! We helped raise over $55,500 to support the SafeSpot center, ensuring that the young victims of child abuse get the help they need. The Angels of Cardio won the prize for the Fastest Team and employee Alex Haugh took First Place Overall in the race!!

2/10/14  AOC is Member of Winning Team for CCM Mk1

AOC is proud to be a member of the winning team, led by Oregon Iron Works, Inc. As the winner of the down-select, the team becomes the sole provider of the CCM Mk1 under the $400 million contract slated to run through December 2021.

The CCM Mk I Program is an acquisition program to develop, test, produce, field, and sustain a modern, agile, adaptive, technically relevant, reliable, and operationally capable combatant craft system in support of SOCOM. The contract will include production of low observable systems, integration and testing of craft tactical computing systems, full life-cycle integrated logistics support, and incremental development and upgrades. AOC expects to provide reliability analysis on this contract.

5/1/2013  CNO and Director of NSWD applaud AOC product - the LCS ICD

Over the last six months, both the Chief of Naval Operations (ADM Greenert) and the Director of the Navy's Surface Warfare Division in OPNAV (RADM Rowden) have made very positive statements about one of AOC's more significant products – the LCS Interface Control Document (ICD).  In his article “Payloads over Platforms: Charting A New Course” from the Naval Institute Proceedings [July 2012], ADM Jonathan W. Greenert said:

  • [In the future] “we will need to change modular weapon, sensor, and unmanned vehicle ‘payloads’ [that] a platform carries or employs.”
  • “Our first ‘keel up’ application of a payload focus is the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS). The heart of the LCS’s payload flexibility is its interface-control document (ICD).
  • With the [LCS] ICD, the payloads within the mission packages can evolve over time to take advantage of new technologies or address new threats.”
  • We will use reserve capacity and standardized interfaces to introduce a range of payloads in new platforms... and... employ a changing set of payloads on our existing amphibious ships, destroyers, aircraft carriers, and submarines.”

As part of the speech that RADM Rowden gave at the January 2013 Surface Navy Association conference, he said: “I tip my hat to those who worked on the ICD for LCS. That document is a decade old and it has had one minor change. That is what we need to get to the affordable ship.”

AOC played a major role in the development of the LCS ICD. AOC President, Jack Abbott, commented that “Such kind words are most appreciated by the company. It shows that we have helped the Navy in achieving its goals for implementation of Open Systems Architecture.”

5/1/13  Navy announces new Open Systems Architecture strategy

Recently released as a new Naval Strategy by the Chief of Naval Operations, the concept of Open Systems Architecture for the Navy’s Fleet validates the vision of AOC’s President that he promoted in the 1980’s as Program Manager of the SSES Program. Implementation will require full support from those who share in the belief that Total ship Open Systems Architecture (TOSA) is desperately needed to achieve Navy goals for the future.

1/15/13  AOC continues to grow -  office space doubled

In January 2013 AOC expanded its Offices at 8605 Westwood Center Drive in Tysons Corner, VA to more than double the existing space.  Now located on both the 3rd and 5th floors, AOC is one block from the new silver line metro station and is easily reachable from the 495 Beltway and Dulles Access Road.  The new space includes: A second conference room, a dedicated teleconference room with enlarged Skype monitor, upgraded e-mail services and Wi Fi capabilities.

12/16/12   AOC Christmas Party - Fun with friends and family

AOC's annual Christmas Party was a sparkling evening of fabulous food, laughter, and reflection of a successful year surrounded by wonderful co-workers.  This year marked several special occasions --including the celebration of several of our employee's recent engagements and upcoming weddings.  A talented harpist and soloist provided beautiful background music. 

Top party favorite vote goes to--- those Monster Lamb Chops --napkin please!

12/30/11  AOC wins $15M Prime Contract for Open Systems Architecture and Systems Engineering

On September 30, 2011, AOC, Incorporated was awarded a $15M Seaport Task Order Contract for Hull, Mechanical and Electrical (HM&E) Open Systems Architecture and Systems Engineering. Based upon the need to support PEO Ships, PEO Subs, Naval Sea Systems Command Surface Ship Design and Development Directorate (NAVSEA 05) and the Office of Naval Research (ONR) in the fields of Open Systems Architecture development, Requirements Traceability, Architecture Verification and Validation, and Program Management. The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division selected AOC from all offerers to provide expertise in these areas of engineering support. As a technical leader in supporting the concept of modular open systems over the past 35 years in the Navy ship design and acquisition community, President Jack W. Abbott views this contract award as a major stepping stone to assisting the Navy in reducing ship construction costs, permitting mission reconfiguration and lowering the cost of life cycle technology upgrades.

9/1/11  AOC President, Jack Abbott, lectures on Modular Open Systems Architecture

On September 1, 2011, Mr. Abbott was a guest lecturer at the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California. His presentation, “The Evolution of Modular Open Systems in Naval Ship Design: 1975 - 2010,” was made to students in the Systems Engineering Colloquium within the Wayne E. Meyer school of Systems Engineering. The lecture included discussion of modularity definitions, types and levels; Historical overview of major modularity efforts over the last 35 years (both U.S. and foreign navies); and observations of attitudes towards modularity by the naval ship design community both in the 1980s and recently (after 1995). Also presented were the steps needed to develop modular open systems in a new ship design and included how to create a Modular Technical Architecture using Functional Partitioning. Finally, example applications of Modular Open Systems in recent ship acquisition programs were presented, including the LCS Program, the Virginia Class submarines and the CVN 78. The lecture was scheduled and organized by Professor Bill Solitario who has been professor at NPS since 2003.

4/28/11  AOC employees found ASNE Tysons-Carderock Chapter

12 AOC employees participated in the founding of a new American Society of Naval Engineers chapter, christened the Tysons-Carderock chapter.  This chapter will operate under the ASNE Flagship Section.